2020 - Year in Review

To think about 2020, I would like to go back to the last quarter of 2019; I had a vacation trip with my wife to New Zealand. During this trip, I visited a few universities in Wellington and Auckland because I had a plan to study for a Master Degree in Computer Science; I also attended the Ruby Conf in Wellington, met tech guys in New Zealand, because in the end, to study and to live in New Zealand, I will need a job.

After the trip, we back to Singapore with a plan about New Zealand and about the university that I should choose. I applied, and I got an offer from a university in Auckland later on. My wife and I all think that 2020 will be a great year for both of us.

But then 2020 is a year of surprise.

When waiting for the student visa application from New Zealand Immigration, we were still kept working in Singapore. In the first three months of 2020, I worked with two former Facebook engineers in a financial startup. It opened my mind a lot :D. But outside of Singapore, Covid-19 became worse, a lot of countries closed the border, and then in April, Singapore official lockdown and I was sure I couldn’t get the visa on time. Really bad!

But, as I said, 2020 is a year of surprise - a wonderful thing happened. My wife got pregnant, and I will become a FATHER. Our life has been changed. I cried - when I feel disappointed about everything in life, our baby has come as a gift. I have more motivations, and I started to think more - about the future. My wife and I both want a happy life with our baby. In the last six months of 2020, we did many positive things, we visited the doctor for regular baby checkups, bought many things, cleaned the house to welcome our baby, and we have a name for our baby, one in Vietnamese and one in English. Our baby’s name in English is the name of a famous computer scientist in the world. Now all is good, and our baby will come in the next March.

About the technical thing, during 2020, most of the projects are related to Ruby on Rails, React JS, React Native, GraphQL. My wife and I finally come up with a good code structure for a React Native project - using GraphQL, Redux, and State Machine. We planed to make a course on Udemy to show this code diagram to everyone.

That’s all for my 2020 - a year with myself is considered a good year, and definitely, 2021 is a happy year.

P/S: I will come to New Zealand to study, to keep working, and to bring a good future for my baby.